I plotted places that are very significant to Rash Behari Bose in Google Maps. I find it interesting that Zojo-ji Temple where Rash Behari Bose’s funeral was held, the location of the IIL/INA headquarters, and the location of Rash Behari Bose’s grave, are all connected in one line. Furthermore , Renko-ji Temple, where Subhas Chandra Bose’s remains are kept, is located slightly off this line. The black balloon at the top left, the furthest away from this line, is the location of Taito Bunka University, where Rash Behari Bose’s artefacts are stored. The purple balloon is where Sugamo prison used to be. At this location, Justice Pal and A.M. Nair put all their effort into helping Japan, the country that gave full support to Indian independence.


The map below shows places where Rash Behari Bose put effort into the Indian independence movement. We can see that he was active across a very wide area.


The map below shows most of the places where the Ghadar Party was involved. From all of this , you can see that the Indian independence movement was a world wide matter.

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